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The Golds Group was established in 2015 by local real estate entrepreneurs, with a long history, experience and proven success in the commercial and private real estate business. Golds is a long-standing and leading real estate company throughout Uman, which includes the development of the area around R. Nachman’s tomb that serves as a destination for thousands of Jews from all over the world. Businessmen from all over the world invest heavily in high returns, often looking for the next project.

For this reason, construction in Uman is unlike construction anywhere else. For those unfamiliar with local bureaucratic complications, there is little chance of making construction mistakes.

This gives the Golds Group an advantage in that they are local and have experience in the various planning and approval processes. Therefore, even before opening the places of purchase, take care of all the side paperwork, quality and structural inspections and municipal committees. All this to ensure that the investments are fully credible. The faith of our investors is the most important for us, which is why we have created a transparency system for the new luxury project Azamrah, which has undergone an intensive planning process of over two years. We made sure that the construction plans would suit the land on which they are located, the foundations were upgraded and of high quality and that the outlines emphasize the privacy of the tenants. The Azmara project works according to the highest safety standards in Israel,

Europe and America. It is clear that Bauman now has a once-in-a-lifetime chance for people who understand investing. The building is located on a plot of land near the tomb of R. Nachman.

The building has apartments from 1-5 rooms, visit us at our sales office to check it out so we can show you the next big thing in Uman in Pushkina 14 in Uman.