Singing – construction progress

Golds Group was founded in 2015 by real estate developers David Stitzer and Natan Goldman with years of experience and proven success over years in marketing residential and commercial projects, managing construction projects, from locating land to completing environmental development.

Golds is the oldest and leading real estate company in Uman and has real estate properties around the Holy Land of Zion – which is a center of pilgrimage from all over the Jewish world, which over the years has turned the area into a real estate power. Businessmen from all over the world invest in income-producing properties and are constantly looking for the next project here.

However, its construction in Uman is unlike anything else. Those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the local bureaucracy have no small chance of making significant mistakes. The advantage of a local company run by entrepreneurs who are proficient in the planning, production and approval procedures is great – but Bauman is critical to the success of the venture.

Therefore, even before the marketing system was opened, we arranged all the required building permits, won approvals, passed the tests of quality and risk control systems, the municipal committees in Uman and expertise certificates in Kiev, all in order for the investment to be one hundred percent safe.

The warranty is binding

In order to win the trust of investors, we have engraved on our banner, first and foremost, our duty of reliability and full transparency vis-à-vis our clients-investors.

The prestigious Azmara residence has undergone rigorous planning procedures for more than two years. Construction planning in accordance with the area, preparation of upgraded infrastructure, construction plans that emphasize the privacy of the tenants, spectacular interior and exterior design and a construction standard that has not yet been seen in the artist.

The ‘Azmara’ project meets the strict safety standards of Israel, Europe and America.


This unique real estate project creates a one-time opportunity for those who understand investments. The piece of land on which the Azmara project is currently being built combines proximity to the Holy Land on the one hand, and pastoral silence on the other.

The investors who chose ‘Azmara’ and have already purchased properties in the venture are among a high-quality and exclusive population, thanks to whom the project has become coveted and sought after.

The range of options is wide and varied. The project includes 1,2,3,4,5-room apartments.

If you understand real estate and know how to identify excellent investments you must check us out. We will be happy to introduce you to the next thing in Uman.

Visit us at the sales office: Golds Complex, 14 Pushkina St., artist